These Airbag Pranks Will Make You Cringe…That Had To Hurt!

Most of you know by now, we love a good prank video, and there just aren’t too many ...

Most of you know by now, we love a good prank video, and there just aren’t too many things out there that are funnier than an airbag prank. For those who may not have seen or heard about these, you take airbag module out of a car and hide it somewhere, typically under a chair or something else for the victim to sit on. Once your mark has popped a squat on the seat, you hit the module with a bit of electricity and “BOOM!” they are sent flying with a loud bang.

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We love to run across these, so imagine our delight when we ran across this montage of several unexpected airbag launches together in one video, we decided you guys would probably enjoy it as much as we did.

As fun as it would be to not have to deal with this stuff, we can’t risk our own necks, so we’re going to take the safe road and say DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. These are some explosive forces that could easily hurt somebody if things aren’t planned out carefully. However, we will also say if you decide to forego this advice, you’re acting on your own and we will not be responsible for somebody getting in trouble or worse, injuring themselves or other motorists.

Now, that being said, let’s hit that play button below and watch as all of these guys get their bells rung in the most unexpected – but admittedly hilarious – clips all pieced together into one epic airbag feature film. You can tell some of these are much more forceful than others, likely causing some pretty painful landings if nothing else. However, it doesn’t look like anybody got hurt too bad, so knowing that, it’s impossible not to laugh at these, seeing the poor guys flying and flailing as they try to figure out what exactly is going on. We know some of you out there are going to ignore the warnings and try this, so if you do, just please be safe and think things through carefully so nobody gets hurt!


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