There’s a New Sheriff in Town: New Supercar is Taking Over the Scene

When it comes to the supercar scene, it seems like there are definitely fan favorites ...

When it comes to the supercar scene, it seems like there are definitely fan favorites as names like Lamborghini and Ferrari rise to the top of the pack becoming the most common household names when it comes to this type of car with others chasing not far behind. However, that isn’t to say that companies aren’t out there trying to punch their way into the minds and hearts of people who just have a sweet spot in their soul for fast and exotic machines. It’s definitely going to take a lot to dethrone the kings of this realm, however, there’s definitely a lot of room for plenty of entrants to make their way in comfortably.

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This time, we check our a car brand that seems only be in its infancy but definitely has been making a little bit of noise around the community. It certainly has not managed to climb to the ranks of the aforementioned brands, however, it has made a strong statement as the owner of the brand has a pretty incredible story to tell and the product of that story is pretty incredible to look at as the brand that’s known as Vaydor has come to life in a body that looks like it’s a professionally created machine but in reality, is the product lots of hard labor hours from somebody who admits that he doesn’t have any design experience.

We know that over a car like this, naysayers will probably congregate and say things like “it’s built off of an Infiniti chassis and powertrain so it can’t really be a supercar,” however, we think that this machine is well on its way to busting into the ranks of other supercars that hold the positions of power. While we definitely have to admit that it’s in its infancy, or so it would appear, everybody has to start somewhere, right? After all, a brand like Lamborghini started by making tractors and just look at where they sit today.

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