Rolls Royce is Swallowed up by a Giant Sinkhole in China

The whole idea of sinkholes is basically terrifying. Think about it: you can be ...

The whole idea of sinkholes is basically terrifying. Think about it: you can be driving, or even walking, and just have a massive hole open up beneath you and swallow you and your car up like it’s nothing. While movies and television would have us believe they plummet hundreds of feet into the earth, in reality they are usually only a few yards deep at most, though that’s certainly not always the case. The sinkhole that opened up beneath the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky was massive and demolished several historic cars from the museum’s collection.

The scariest part of the whole idea for me is the complete randomness of when and where sinkholes appear. Obviously if there was some kind of warning, they’d be a lot less to fear, and less risk of property damage and injury. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing, and that’s why you see things like this, a gorgeous Rolls-Royce with it’s tail end high in the air while the nose in several feet deep into a random sinkhole. The hyper-luxurious ride is hopelessly stuck until a lift truck arrives to carefully extract it. It’s hard to say how badly damaged the car is until it can be inspected, but Rolls are very well constructed and it appears to just needs some cosmetic repairs to be like new again.

The half-million dollar ride is painstakingly pulled from the hole and likely delivered straight to the dealership to be assessed and repaired. Hopefully the driver was uninjured and can get his ride back quickly and get back on the road, hopefully nowhere near any more unforeseen holes. Have any of you out there ever encountered a sinkhole in person? Did you have any damage or injuries? Tell us about it, we’d love to hear your sinkhole stories!

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