Drag Racing Rock Bouncers Up a Massive Hill Looks Sketchy As All Hell

Who says rock bouncers are just for use on the insanely treacherous, nearly-vertical ...

Who says rock bouncers are just for use on the insanely treacherous, nearly-vertical trails we typically see them tackling at offroad parks across the southeast. With their ridiculous powerplants and massive suspension travel, these things can do pretty much anything asked of them, especially when a new design is revealed that may just change everything we know about Rock Bouncing.

Clayton Hollingsworth decided instead of mounting the engine in the front or rear of his bouncer, he was going to mount it right beside the driver seat, completely changing the balance of his ride, dubbed The Outlaw, and putting the rest of the Bouncer contingent on notice, because it certainly seems like the new design works well based on the footage below.

The guys over at MadRam11, one of the top offroad channels on YouTube, followed Clayton’s progress with the new ride through the 2017 season and compiled the footage of The Outlaw in action. Needless to say, Hollingsworth put on a heck of a show throughout the year. From laying down some of the gnarliest runs up some of the most daunting hills to straight up blistering the course on the drag racing side of things.

It is especially cool to see these rock rigs lined up four wide, racing up the track instead of hitting the rocky trails one at a time. That may be a side of the offroad niche we could get more into, combining the hill climb aspect with a side-by-side drag race to the top.

Congrats to Clayton for hie awesome 2017 season and for turning heads with his new ride. We can’t wait to see what kind of crazy innovations come to the offloading world in 2018 and beyond. One thing is for sure, it will be guys like Hollingsworth leading the way and pushing the envelope for innovation.

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