Dirt Alliance Pismo Takeover Looks Like a Blast in The Sand!

If you do it right, hanging out at the sand dunes can be an amazing time to be had by ...

If you do it right, hanging out at the sand dunes can be an amazing time to be had by all. When high powered machines are thrown into the mix, you can bet your bottom dollar that that adrenaline factor goes off the charts when someone with a willing and ready lead foot really lays into the throttle and shows off what machines like this can actually do. This time, we get the chance to head out to Pismo with the Dirt Alliance crew to see what their definition of having fun in the sand looks like. *SPOILER ALERT* These guys really know what it takes to have a high adrenaline party on wheels.

The stage is set as these guys head out to the dunes with all kinds of machines that would create a sense of excitement amongst just about any automotive enthusiast. From dirt bikes to trucks and everything in between, these guys are strapped up as much as they possibly can be to take on the challenge at hand, that of getting blood pumping in the highest flying way possible. There’s really something special about the way that these guys go all out and take their machines to new heights, both metaphorically and physically as they launch off of the dunes and really make magic happen out there.

Check out the video down below that puts you on the scene, but be sure to keep your eyes covered so you don’t get sprayed with sand! After watching a video like this, you just can’t help yourself from wanting to head out to the dunes and lay into that throttle for yourself, breaking yourself off a little chunk of adrenaline that really can go a long way toward getting you that fix to keep yourself moving through the week. Heck, just watching the video alone has me all pumped up!

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