3000hp Nitro V8 Nissan Patrol Attacks a Massive Sand Dune!

Watching videos like this really makes me want to hop a plane to Middle East just to ...

Watching videos like this really makes me want to hop a plane to Middle East just to watch these things in person. This nitrous-huffing Nissan Patrol SUV is cranking out around 3,000 horsepower from the massive mountain-motor V8 under the hood. Using all that power to climb up a monster sand dune is what these guys do for fun, and I really want to join them for a night on the sand someday.

You can tell as soon as the ignition is fired that this Patrol is not to be taken lightly. The raucous cackle of the massive engine tells part of the story, and the plume from the nitrous purge fills in the rest. While there are no visible decals to tell who built the engine, you can bet there’s a real good chance it came from the US, as these guys are big fans of our engine builders such as Pat Musi and Gene Fulton, as well as ProLine racing for their turbocharged counterparts.

With the nitrous purged and the engine cleaned out with a few bumps of the nitrous through the motor, the drive eases up to the edge of the dune. Once he’s signaled to hit it, the throttle goes wide open and chaos ensues. The tires sling sand high into the air and the engine screams to life as the SUV begins it’s ascent. To the untrained eye, everything may appear to be normal, but those random fireballs out the exhaust are a big clue that something isn’t quite right with the tuneup, and the huge nitrous backfire further up the hill is the result. Whatever it was that was off in the tune, the engine had enough about halfway up the hill, exploding back through the exhaust, which is usually an indicator of damage in the engine as well.

Hopefully, the damage wasn’t too severe. If so, there may be another engine headed overseas to get these guys back in action.

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