2000+HP SR20 4-Cylinder – Quest for the World Record!

One of the things about racing that makes it so incredibly attractive for those of us ...

One of the things about racing that makes it so incredibly attractive for those of us who enjoy living it is not only the race itself. Sure, we all get pumped up to see a good matchup that has adrenaline pouring out of every vein in your body as the competition comes right down the line and really gives you a rush.

However, something that can help to make that rush a little bit more intense is none other than a good old-fashioned backstory that really tells the tale of somebody who is working incredibly hard to get to where they are or maybe one that spells out a rivalry between drivers.

This time, thanks to the guys over at That Racing Channel, we have gotten quite a compelling story that tells the tale of a 4 cylinder engine that helped to push a team from Trinidad and Tobago on a quest for a world record. With 2000 hp on their side and the setup that is set to kill, it seems like everything is lining up for them. However, as you probably could’ve guessed, in order to take home a world record, everything has to be absolutely perfect. With many people gunning for that same record, it’s actually not something that’s going to be easy to take.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to get the inside scoop of all of the effort that went into taking this team to the top and attempting to keep them there, writing their names in the record books. Being able to follow along with the story is certainly a compelling way to spend the next three minutes of your life so be sure to dial your attention into the video below and follow along as magic is made right in front of your own two eyes!

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